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We’re an event agency with a valuable treasure trove: our very own hoard of equipment and props

We possess innumerable materials, furniture, modular system parts and decorative articles, which we put to good use over a wide range of events.

That means we can work quickly and with great flexibility. Because of our hoard of stuff that we’ve collected over the years–and continue to collect–we can implement almost any idea quickly and professionally.

  • Across a space of 600 square metres we store everything that would make an event person’s heart race:
  • Furniture–from rustic to banquet to real rarities
  • Lights, lamps, chandeliers, effect floodlights
  • Varied and colourful materials, stage materials and rugs
  • Vases, pots, cutlery
  • Light and sound equipment
  • Themed decoration for indoors and out
  • Modern, high-end exhibition systems from Aluvision and Clic
props golden frame: Event Agency creative Service Drummer, Berlin
Props lipsticks, shelf: Event Agency creative Service Drummer, Berlin
Props fabrics: Event Agentur creative Service Drummer, Berlin
Props wheel: Event Agentur creative Service Drummer Berlin
Props collection of flowers: Event Agency creative Service Drummer, Berlin
Props exhibition stand equipment: Event Agency creative Service Drummer, Berlin

30 Jahre Branchenzugehörigkeit

Die Zeit wandelt sich in Erfahrung. Mit Freude blicke ich auf die Historie, all die Projekte, Herausforderungen und erreichte Ziele.
Besonders möchte ich mich bei all meinen Mentoren, Kunden, Mitarbeitern, Azubis und bei den wichtigen Lieferanten bedanken!
Auf die Zeit, die noch kommen mag! Ich bin bereit!

Danke und viel Erfolg! 

– Florian Drummer –